Traditional Kitchens

Traditional Kitchens
with Charm and

Traditional kitchens are charming and elegant packed with character. Defined by their intriguing details and embellishments, traditional kitchens are sure to deliver understated luxury to any home.

Traditional Kitchens


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Traditional Kitchens

Traditional Kitchens

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Our traditional kitchens have an almost endless array of features and options ensuring that each and every kitchen we design and install is truly unique to you. The smallest attention is given to the tiniest details, with solid aesthetics to hold on to the overall lavish look and feel. Using modernised facilities for a traditional kitchen, our design experts can create something special for you.

At S&A Bathrooms and Kitchens we have over 20 years experience serving customers across the East Midlands, mainly in Nottingham, Derby and the surrounding areas. We specialise in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms and Fitted Wardrobes

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Traditional Design | Modern Features

Traditional kitchens with their alluring details and eye-catching designs, add a magical charm while serving all the needed functions of modern living. With their grandiose design scheme, create a beautiful space that’s sure to stay within style and become almost timeless. You will find an element of adornment – be it the architectural design, or enhanced pieces with decorative accessories.

The warm, neutral colours that highlight the materials, pop an edgy style and design, while the luxurious kitchen-tops exhibit a fashionable display. With Antique Finishes and Glazed Cabinetry, traditional kitchens portray a very embellished style.

For over 20 years we have been designing and installing outstanding modern kitchens to clients across the East Midlands. Over time we have refined our collection of modern kitchen collections to offer only the best features and products on the market today.
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S&A Bathrooms and Kitchens are here to provide you with honest practical advice to make your dream Bathroom, Kitchen or Bedroom a reality. Simon and Sheryl pride themselves on providing you a personal service and invite you to visit the S&A showroom in Nottinghamshire.

Being a family run business we believe that we go above and beyond for our customers and always give the personal touch to our services building a relationship every step of the way.

Our expert design staff Simon & Sheryl come from a bathroom and kitchen background and work closely with every customer from the first visit to the showroom in Stapleford to sharing photos of the completed project.
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You're just one step away from creating your dream traditional kitchen. We would love to hear some of your ideas and inspirations. If you have any questions we are here to help in every way possible. Contact us and come and visit our showroom in Nottingham, we can have a good chat over a hot drink and begin creating your new traditional kitchen.